Why Does My Child Have Stage Fright?

Why Does My Child Have Stage Fright?

Seeing a person succumb to stage fright is embarrassing. But when it is your child who is drowning in fear, you know you have to do something as a parent. Feeling apprehensive is just ordinary. But when this panic prevents you from doing things you need to do, it is a sign that something may be going on.

So why does your child have stage fright? The items listed below may contain the reason why:

  • Appearing nervous

    Phobias are extreme fear over something. There have been cases of weird ones and one of them is the fear of looking fearful. Your child may be thinking that they audience notices the nervousness the little one feels.

    Oftentimes, your child thinks that the audience may be making fun of him or her. But explain to the kid that the audience will never feel that way. Instead, they may sympathize with them because they know how hard it is to be performing in front.

  • Being conscious about themselves

    In short, there may be certain things the little one is apprehensive about. What if the audiences do not like my dress? What if people do not like the way I look? What if they will make fun of the way I speak?

    Figure what your child is anxious of. Ask your child what made them so uncomfortable while facing and performing in front of the audience. And when you do find out the reason, do something about it.

  • Going up the stage unprepared

    If you have come unprepared, you know that something bad could happen. You may forget something. There may also be a possibility that you will not be effective enough for the audience to comprehend your role. This could lead to stage fright.

    To remedy this, assist your little one in preparing for the presentation. You do not have to do all the preparations yourself. All you need is just to be a guide on their side.

  • Setting the right priority

    When we present on stage, the spotlight is on us. The audience eyes of the spectators are locked on us. Experiencing such pressure lets us feel that we are the special one; and that the audience will not be there in the first place if it was not for us.

    But we got it all wrong. You will not be there on the stage if the viewers are not paying attention. Your child may feel that the show depends on them so they get nervous. But what they need to know is that the listeners are the priority. Being scared will only waste the time of these audiences.

  • Remembering past failures

    There had been that point in our lives wherein we screwed up big time. And because such experience happened to us, we become hesitant of doing things that remind us of that experience.

    Past failures can trigger bad memory for your kid. So you need to tell him or her that the failure they experienced is just part of the package. And the important thing about these failures is that they learned something from it.

  • Thinking they are not good enough

    Every speaker, performer and artist has this concern. The performers feel that their ability is way lower than expected, that the skill they currently have now is limited. Dissatisfaction with one’s gift is normal. We all want to improve after all. To solve this problem, help your child regain confidence.

  • Assuming that others are better

    It is a sin for a performer to compare themselves to others. After all, we are unique in our own little ways. You may think that others does this better or looks better than you but we all have our edge.

One way of helping your child overcome stage fright is to enroll them in an early childhood education in Plainfield NJ particularly at Step One Academy LLC. We offer activities like show and tell to help the learner overcome his or her anxiety on stage.

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