What You Need to Know about Early Childhood Development


As a couple who have just become new parents, you may still be new to the idea of sending your child to school especially to those educational institutions that offer early childhood education. What is early childhood development and how can your child benefit from early childhood education? You will find answers to your questions through reading this blog provided to you by the best early childhood education in Plainfield NJ.

Step One Academy LLC has been giving quality early childhood education in Plainfield NJ to toddlers and little learners. We have provided the first step for our little students to develop physically, emotionally, socially and mentally. Before you introduce and expose your child to school, you need to be able to prepare them first. And before you introduce your child to early childhood education, you need to be introduced first to the concepts of early childhood development.

What is early childhood development?
Child development talks about the changes that will happen to a child as he or she grows and develops in all aspects of their life. These aspects include the following:

  • Physical health

    If your toddler will be healthy, they have a bright future ahead of them as developing their physical health involves the different body parts as well as the organs inside of them.

  • Mental function

    It is always good to be mentally developed. If one has the proper mental function, he or she will be able to process information properly. Mental function talks about how the brain works and also includes mental alertness.

  • Emotional aspect

    The reason why there are crimes and unfortunate happenings in the society is that people do not know how to process emotions well. In order to help children process emotions as it should be, it is your job as parents to provide the guidance and the scaffolding your child needs.

  • Social competence

    We all are familiar with the saying “No man is an island,” right? But even if we are and we have introduced that to our children, they still have not grasped the importance of society at a very young age.

  • Readiness to learn

    As stated by famous psychologist and scientists and researchers of child development, the child must be ready in order to do the task he or she needs in the future and such task is education. We must not underestimate the importance of readiness because it is in the learner’s readiness that makes information easier to swallow.

This is an exception for children who are physically, mentally, emotionally, or socially challenged since birth, through an accident or by means of a crippling disease.

Why is early childhood development important?

Childhood development focuses on the overall development of a child which is essential for him or her to adapt to the society. And in order to adapt to the society, they must learn the essential skills in school. This is where our early childhood education in Plainfield NJ comes in.

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