What to Expect at Summer Camp

What to Expect at Summer Camp

Summer is fast approaching! The school will be out for a few weeks and you have no idea where to leave your children because you are so busy with work. Let us admit it, as parents, we work hard to give our children the best life they deserve. We want to send them to quality schools and provide for their needs even if that would mean with having to work extra harder to maintain such dream. As much as we would want to spend the vacation with them, we just have our day-offs to bond with our kids.

The dilemma now is finding out who can look after our kids at home. Many would hire a babysitter while some would send their children to their grandmothers. But if you want to let your children have a good time, why not let them join the summer camp? They will not just make friends but they will learn a lot as well.

Step One Academy LLC, your partner in Early Childhood Education in Plainfield, NJ, offers a summer camp for your children. If you think they are ready, here are some things that you can expect in the camp:

  • Bring all the important stuff

    A camp can last from two days to a week. Hence, you need to pack everything that your children will bring. You need to prepare the clothes they will wear. Make sure to include some sportswear and rubber shoes just in case there will be games and activities that require good running shoes. Moreover, prepare some night wears, too, so your child will be in bed neat and clean.

    First aid kits, snacks, toiletries, and most especially medicines should be in the bag too. As parents, you can put labels or place these things in different colored bags just to make sure that your kids can find it easily.

  • Health should be the priority

    Before you send them to camp, make sure that your doctor has approved of it too. Kids can have a weak immune system and the environment in the camp may not be suitable for them. In case your doctor has prescribed some precautionary measures, please do it to avoid injuries and health problems once the camp has begun.

    Make sure your kids are not allergic to anything as the food in the camp is all varied. And if they have allergies, pack their antihistamines!

  • Give them some pep talk

    As the camp is fast approaching, they will feel different emotions. They will feel excited and nervous at the same time. Some will even have jitters and would tell you that they will not join anymore. The best way to handle these jitters is to tell them what would happen. You can tell them that there will be games and their friends will be there. Teachers will also be available to help them. There is nothing to be scared about.

If you are planning to enroll your kids in summer camp, choose only the best. With our friendly teachers and safe venue, you are sure that your kids are in good hands. Enroll your child in our summer camp at Step One Academy LLC! For queries and reservations, please get in touch with us! See you then!

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