Two Tips in Preparing Kids for School


It’s always an exciting season when kids start attending early childhood education in Plainfield NJ. As parents, we have been envisioning that day when we drop them off to school with tears in our eyes – tears of joy because the baby we once held delicately in our arms is now an independent toddler ready to take on the world. But the crying is usually two way, though. Most of the time, the child we dropped-off in school will also be crying, especially with the absence of parents and the presence of new people in the classroom.

Separation anxiety is a real struggle for both parent and kid. The best thing to do is to prepare, especially emotionally and psychologically, before the first day of school comes. Here are two tips we can share:

Engage them in learning activities at home.

Especially for early education program where kids are relatively younger and have never been exposed to an academic environment, we need to set the tone even before we get to the classroom. We can do this by creating a learning environment at home. There are many visual aids, learning books, and other instructional materials available to help our little ones learn at home. This will not only prepare them for the school environment, this can also give them a head start in learning even before they enroll themselves in an academy offering early childhood education in Plainfield NJ.

Expose them with other kids in the family, church, or community.

The crying during the first day of school is caused by separation anxiety due to the absence of parents in the classroom. But stranger anxiety can add to it, too. Kids who have not been exposed to playmates may find it scary to be around a lot of children all of a sudden. We can help our kids overcome stranger anxiety and teach them how to behave properly around other kids when we expose them with other kids as well. When they spend play time with their siblings, cousins, church mates, or even neighbors, they would soon master how it is to be around other kids, how to engage and play with them, and what not to do to them – biting, boxing, hitting. Kids would have to learn social skills early on so the world out there wouldn’t have to be that scary to them.

These are just two of the many tips to prepare our kids before attending an early childhood education in Plainfield NJ. The list can still go on. Every mom has her own experience and learnings. How about you? Please share with us your tips, as well. We will be more than happy to hear them.

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