Tips For Parents: How Mommies Can Deal With Separation Anxiety

Tips For Parents: How Mommies Can Deal With Separation Anxiety

We understand how excited you were when you and your husband finally decided to send your little one to school. You immediately looked for the best childhood education center, shopped for school clothes and supplies, organized your daily schedules, and even planned for his daily snacks and meals. Surely, setting out on the next level with your child is highly thrilling and we cannot blame you for feeling such way.

But all suddenly, when you count the days towards the start of school, you feel remarkably anxious. Your mind will suddenly be filled with questions which never really surfaced back then. Will my baby feel okay with me leaving him? Will someone look after him while I’m gone? Who will assist him with his snacks? Who will change his nappy? Well, momma, you are not alone. Welcome to the club.

Parents, especially mommies, will really experience a wave of separation anxiety once they start sending their fragile and beloved little ones to school. Though this feeling cannot be ultimately avoided, we’ll share with you some helpful advice on how to prepare and contain yourself when this feeling starts creeping in.

  1. Deal with the truth that your baby is not so-baby anymore.

    Well, it is a reality: your baby is now growing up. As much as you would want to keep him to yourself and at home where he is most safe, you know you cannot contain him for the rest of his life. You would have to let him go at some point for his greater good, and that point is now. Understand that he needs this. He needs to grow up, he needs to learn, he needs to discover a whole new world and a bunch of new faces. But you can rest in the fact that he will always be needing you above all else, now that he is young and even then when is old.

  2. Prepare for the first day of school well.

    To lessen your anxiety on his safety, good health, and wellness, it is best to prepare for the first day of school well. Preparing well means visiting his school to ensure that it has enough safety standards and measures in place, meeting his teacher and care provider, buying a first-aid kit in case he gets himself in trouble, and planning for healthy meals that you can pack at home. These measures should increase your confidence that even if you are away, he has everything he needs within his reach.

  3. Practice being away for short periods before school starts.

    Practice makes perfect. Before school starts, rehearse being away from your child for short periods or perhaps with the same duration that you will be away when he is already in school. You may drop him off at your parent’s house and do the grocery without him, or have an evening out with your spouse without a third-wheel around. This will give you enough chance and time to get familiar with the feeling of not having him close and will help you deal with the anxiety better once it sets in.

  4. Plan your school days ahead.

    You can deal with the anxiety better if you get yourself busy with other stuff. While your child is at school, you can start a new hobby, enroll in a short class, or pursue an old passion that you never had the time to enjoy while looking after the baby. Once you have yourself occupied, the anxiety will have no place to settle in your heart and mind.

  5. Let time take its course.

    You don’t have to rush it. Let time help you deal with the anxiety. You will see that without you giving it much thought and effort, it will get better in time.

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