Time To Get Your Child Ready For Preschool

Time To Get Your Child Ready For Preschool

It is very normal to feel anxious, even uneasy, when you think about having to enroll your child in a preschool. This is, after all, a milestone in your child’s development and as well as for you as a parent. The important thing to keep in mind is not to show your apprehensions to your child. This might make him or her worried and nervous. Even if your child has been enrolled in an early childhood education establishment such as Step One Academy LLC, it is still important to instill independence and confidence to your child to ensure that he or she is ready for preschool.

Step One Academy LLC, early childhood education in Plainfield NJ offers early childhood education programs for babies and toddlers to help them transition easier into preschool. However, it is also important that the parents help make this transition smooth and comfortable for their child. Simple things such as exploring with them, reading and writing with them, identifying shapes, objects, colors and counting can be very helpful. We’ve listed below a few things that might be helpful in preparing your toddler for preschool.

  • Play “pretend school” with him or her to give an idea of how the day at school might be like.
  • Develop your child’s self-help skills to help him or her be independent and self-sufficient while ate school
  • Take a tour of the school with your child to make help him/her get familiar with the place and surroundings. This will also help your child adjust and get comfortable with the new environment.
  • Read books about preschool to your child so he or she can imagine what it’d be like.
  • Get organized as early as possible. Make sure everything your child will need is ready and prepared.
  • Talk to your child and ask him or her about what they feel about this exciting new experience. Acknowledge their feelings and assure them that there is really nothing to worry about or be scared of.
  • On the first day, stay a little way. Observe your child and see how he or she is adapting. When you start to see him or her getting comfortable and enjoying, that is your cue to leave. We understand that you will be experiencing a bit of separation anxiety, but if your child can adjust, so can you.

Preschool is a stage where your child will experience immense and wonderful growth. So embrace this milestone and enjoy it together with your child. If you want to know more about getting your child ready for school, Step One Academy LLC is more than willing to discuss this with you.

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