The Most Awaited Summer Camp

The Most Awaited Summer Camp

Summer camp is a supervised program for children or teenagers conducted during the summer months. The traditional view of a summer camp with hiking, canoeing, and campfires is evolving, with greater acceptance of newer summer camps that offer a wide variety of specialized activities like the performing arts, music, magic, computers, language learning, mathematics, children with special needs, and weight loss. The primary purpose of many camps is educational or cultural development. A summer camp environment may allow children to take healthy risks in a safe and nurturing environment. At Step One Academy LLC, we are cultivating self-reliance, confidence and innovativeness, we provide Early Childhood Education in Plainfield NJ, through Summer Camp Programs to those 6 weeks through 13 years of age. With the experience of summer camps:

1. Campers obtain the life skills needed to become successful adults. – At Step One Academy, children gain valuable life skills. Campers learn to navigate on their own and solve problems by themselves. They engage in many creative outlets, too.

2. Educates the whole child. – There is more to learning than test taking and achieving good grades. It provides children with the opportunity to try new activities. When children succeed at these activities, they build self-esteem.

3. Allows kids to unplug from technology. – Taking a break from technology over the summer allows children to communicate face to face. Step One Academy LLC nurtures the importance of interpersonal skills and building relationship.

4. There’s plenty of time for play, which helps children with social and emotional development. – It helps kids manage stress. Traditional summer camps give children plenty of play time, which leads to healthy emotional and social development.

5. Children can reinvent themselves at camp. – That’s a plus factor with Early Childhood Education in Plainfield NJ. The child will break out of his supposed categorization. They get to reinvent themselves at camp and be who they truly want to be, which helps them to build confidence.

6. Camp promotes independence. – Separation from one’s parents means a camper has to learn to rely on himself and other trusted adults and peers. It gives a child the ability to think independently.

Contact us at 908-753-8253 and 908-753-8252 for more information on our summer camp programs. We are humbled educators who value the trust that you give us when you entrust your child’s future in our hands. We guarantee you a valuable learning experience in Early Childhood Education in Plainfield NJ. Visit our page at for our class schedules and curriculums offered! Choose only the best for your children, nothing less!

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