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How Bilingual Education Benefits your Child (Part 1)

Our brains are programmed to be able to acquire numerous languages. Children are no stranger to this. In fact, they are more proficient in this skill than their adult counterparts. The reason for this ability is partly structural and to … Read More ›


Prepping your Child for School

It can be a scary and exciting time when your kid goes to kindergarten for the very first time; however it is a good idea to make sure they are well prepared for this huge moment in their lives. One … Read More ›


There’s More To Multilingual People Than What Meets The Eye (Or...

There’s possibly no argument about it: Persons who know and use one or more foreign languages are a cut above the monolinguals. Multilinguals appear smart, sharp, well bred and cultured. When they speak, they command respect. When they express thei...

Read More ›

Keep Your Kids Productive Even Before & After School

All parents would want their children to keep learning even before school starts and after it ends. And who would not? The question is: in reality, where do you find your kids as soon as the school year is over … Read More ›


A Parent’s Guide to Children’s Toys

Parents only want the best for their children and part of the things we can invest for their learning, as well as their entertainment, is toys. Now this is a topic most parents argue. Some believe that toys can only … Read More ›

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