Show and Tell Activity Drives Stage Fright Away

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“Show and Tell” activity is the perfect antidote for stage fright.

Stage fright is one of the most common fears anyone has. It does not choose its victims. Even seasoned public speakers like politicians, personality development gurus and other similar professionals can fall prey to this type of feeling.

How much more for ordinary mortals like us?

There are more ways than one to tell that you are in a state of nervousness when performing or about to perform certain actions in front of a group of people.

If you feel like butterflies seem like flying inside your stomach, then you have stage fright.

If you feel like scampering for the next toilet either to defecate or urinate (but more often to urinate), then you have stage fright.

If you feel the involuntary erection of your hairs on your neck, then you have stage fright.

If you have raised skin caused by the raising of the hairs on your arms, then you are suffering from stage fright.

Show and Tell Fights Off Stage Fright

One of the important benefits of show and tell activity is to enhance the oral skills of the person. By improving his oral skills, he gains self confidence to talk before a crowd, thereby eliminating the dreaded stage fright.

At our school Step One Academy LLC, the confidence-building early childhood education in Plainfield NJ, we start show and tell at an early age, specifically 3 years of age. We incorporate it in our Preschool Program.

Aside from show and tell, other activities in this program include:

  • Counting and Math Exercises (1-100)
  • Science Experiment Activities
  • Group Singing
  • Literacy Activities
  • Crafts and Art Projects

Through these exercises and activities, we prepare your child for higher school age learning with innovative approaches in teaching.

Other Benefits of Show and Tell

Apart from controlling nervousness, there are other advantages that your children can gain from the exercise.

Here we refer to Susan Revermann, an authority in psychology, research and teaching, besides being a professional writer herself. In her article called “Show and Tell Benefits in Kindergarten” which was featured in Our Everyday Life, she mentioned the following benefits of the activity:

  • Self-Esteem and Pride

    Show and tell time gives a child a chance to be the center of attention for a bit as he explains the significance of the item he brought and while other children show interest and ask questions about that loved object. This positive social interaction can really boost a child’s self-esteem and make him feel good about himself.

  • Social Skills and Making Friends

    Because show and tell is a group activity, it helps teach children appropriate social skills.

    Also, show and tell can open up doors to making new friends. Once a child has gone through his show and tell, other kids may want to talk to him about it. Some of the kids may have a similar toy, which provides a connection and opportunity to talk about a similar interest. Some kids may think the object is interesting and want to know more about it.

You just got it straight from the horse’s mouth. Show and tell is not just as simple as bringing of favorite toys to the class. It means so much more to the development of your children, more especially to fighting off stage fright.

For inquiries about our preschool program and other programs and services of our school, please contact us in one of our two campuses:

  • 222-224 E. 5th Street Plainfield, NJ 07060 Phone: 908-753-8253 Fax: 908-753-8416
  • 233 E. 5th Street Plainfield, NJ 07060 Phone: 908-753-8252 Fax: 908-753-8251

You can always send us a message with your concerns through email at and and through our Facebook page and Twitter account.

We know you have so much to share about the show and tell experiences of your lovely little tots. We give you the space below for your views, comments and suggestions.

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