Resilience: Raising a Kid Who Never Gives Up

Resilience: Raising a Kid Who Never Gives Up

Character building is essential. Character is developed depending on how parents will mold them. But with child care, character development is made easier.

However, the development of a child’s true character will start at home. Their personality will base on what they see and hear at home. To raise a resilient kid, here are some tips for you as a parent:

  • be a supportive role model by modeling resilient behaviors.
  • let them make mistakes and have them see the consequences of their actions.
  • praise them the right way by focusing on their strategies, progress, or effort.
  • teach them to manage their emotions and let them understand that all emotions are okay.
  • teach them to problem solve by not spoon-feeding them with solutions, instead teach them to brainstorm to find a solution.

As a parent, make sure also to let them understand their actions. Explain to them what is right from wrong.

As a preschool in New Jersey, we have seen what difference a resilient kid brings. Though character building happens at home, in school, these characters come into play.

Step One Academy LLC is a daycare in Plainfield, New Jersey. In our academy, we design programs that are according to the recommended curriculum. Under our care, we make sure to nurture more the character of your child. Our place is perfect for your children to grow, explore, learn about themselves and the world around them. We have a safe environment that embraces values, love, and acceptance.

Our summer school is now open, and slots are filling up fast. Sign up your child now and let them be part of our fun this summer. For more information, call us.

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