Parent’s Choice: Smart Toys for Your Kids

 Parent’s Choice: Smart Toys for Your Kids

We cannot deny that kids are fond of playing. That is why it is advisable to seize this moment to allow them to play with smart toys. Toys like block sorters and Mega blocks enhance your child’s cognitive skills and motor skills. Your kids will not only have fun while playing with smart toys, but they will also learn as well.
Listed below are the toys you must buy for your little ones:
Rattles. This kind of toy is specially designed for babies aged 5 months and above. In this age, babies love to play with toys which engage their different senses, may it be visual or auditory. That is why try to purchase rattles which are colorful and washable since kids tend to mouth toys.
Push and Pull toys. For 1-year-old babies, you can buy them push and pull toys which come in different shapes and animal figures. Toys like these can promote your child’s balance and large-muscle development.
Balls. A majority of kids love to play with balls. Whatever your child wishes to do with the ball – bounce, roll, or throw it – will still foster gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This toy chooses no gender. Whether your child is a girl or a boy, you can still grab a ball for your little one!
Make-believe plays and ride-on toys. These types of toys are the right ones for kids aged 3. If your kid is a girl, she can enjoy pretending play like tea-party set or toy kitchen. If your little one is a guy, he can play with the ride-on toys.

Make-believe play develops your kid’s social and thinking skills. On the other hand, ride-on toys foster the following skills: a sense of balance, exploration, group play, and spatial play.

Shape-sorting toys. At the age of 4, it is best to introduce your child to interactive educational toys like electronic phonics toys, pegboard puzzles, and blocks. Toys like these promote hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

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