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Never Expect Too Much from Your Little One


One responsibility of parents is to help their children navigate the strong tides of their emotions. Parents must be the first to understand them, not pressure them. We understand that there is pressure, especially in their developing years. Don’t pressure yourself too much, either. A child will reach their milestones, don’t rush because too many expectations will result in a relatively disappointing outcome. That is why in early childhood education, we always remind parents that each child is different, and they have their own pace of development.

In our daycare in New Jersey, each child is fairly unique. Thus, be open-minded to their journey because most parents think their toddlers can handle their emotions well. However, always remember that:

  • a child’s self-control doesn’t develop until they are three to four years old
  • sharing doesn’t happen right away
  • focus on teaching them not punishing at a very young age

One of the greatest lessons for parents and even us child care providers is that- it is easier to stay calm when you have realistic expectations- rather than push your child beyond their limit, which is not good for them.

Engaging your toddler with other kids will help in their development. Encouraging play and empowering them to interact can help in unlocking their milestones. Start them young in associating with others. Step One Academy is here to guide them to develop.

Our preschool in Plainfield, New Jersey, offers a variety of early childhood and after-school care programs. Enrolling your child in daycare will help them and your family. Get to know more about us, our school, and our staff, and if you have inquiries, don’t hesitate to ring us.

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