Making Toddlers Understand Mother’s Day

Making Toddlers Understand Mother’s Day

Basically for toddlers, every day is mother’s day. They are at the age where they are so attached and adoring to their moms so it’s pretty much mommy’s day every day. However, it is important to help them understand that there is one special day each year that honors mommy and all the things she does for her family. Step One Academy LLC, early childhood education in Plainfield NJ believes that it is part of our responsibility to teach the importance of family and appreciation to our students.

Even though this day is technically for the mommies, this doesn’t mean that the kiddos can’t have fun too. So, we’ve rounded up a few crafts for kids to enjoy making them and as gifts to mommies to show their love and gratitude, of course with teachers’ help.

  1. DIY jewelry – make mom a pretty necklace or bracelet using colorful beads, and trinkets
  2. DIY card – draw a beautiful picture and write a letter for mommy telling her how much you love her and appreciate her.
  3. DIY frame – take mom’s favorite picture, it can a picture of you, daddy, the whole family or of herself and make a beautiful frame for it. You can use different supplies to make the frame sturdy and beautiful.
  4. DIY bouquet – create beautiful and colorful paper flowers with the teacher and turn it into a bouquet. The best thing about this bouquet is that it won’t wilt. You can also create a handprint bouquet using paint on paper.
  5. Make a hand or foot mold – use clay or any other molding material to mold your feet and hands on. Mommy can keep and display this gift until you grow up.
  6. DIY bookmark – if mommy enjoys reading a lot, then you can make her a bookmark.
  7. DIY bag or pursev – make mom an environmentally friendly grocery bag which she can use every time she goes to the store.
  8. Scrapbook – make mom a scrapbook filled with beautiful drawings and pictures of her and you where she can add more pictures of you both as you grow up.
  9. DIY flower vase – if mommy loves flowers, paint and decorate an old bottle or jar then fill it with beautiful flowers that you picked yourself.
    “Why I Love Mom” post-its – get a bunch of colorful post-its and write everything you love about mom. One thing for each post-it. Then place it in a small decorated box. Mom will have a fun time reading all about all the things you love about her. You can add more post-its as much as you want, every day.

So there you go, just a few ways for the kids show how much they adore mommy on her special day. At Step One Academy LLC, we encourage creativity to improve your child’s EQ and IQ at the same time. To know more about us, do not hesitate to give us a call at 908-753-8252 or 908-753-8253. Allow us to educate and nurture your child.

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