Make Reading Fun!

Make Reading Fun!

Teaching children the skill of reading is one of our greatest fervor as Step One Academy LLC makes early childhood education in Plainfield NJ available. But just because reading is a must-know skill in today’s day and age, it does not mean that you need to be able to teach your kid how to read before they go to school. This makes it a lot of pressure as their parents, right?

You do not have to succumb to the pressure for we believe that reading is always fun and it will always be especially if you instill in their memories and hearts that it is. How can we make reading fun, then? You are in luck for Step One Academy LLC will be listing 7 techniques on how to make the process fun and these techniques are as follows:

1. Do not force flash cards on your kids

As we mentioned in our previous blogs, we are never a fan of flash cards. Drills will only be forgotten as they grow older. What you need to do is to make a game of identifying letters in your environment including those that are found in fast food signs, labels, magazines, etc.

2. Let them read in various ways

You know, reading does not always have to be only through the eyes. Let them read through different senses. We promote our early childhood education in Plainfield NJ by using various techniques and projects such as alphabet crafts, games and many more.

3. Expose them to different genres

As a child turns 5, he or she will be able to tell the difference between real and not real, fiction and nonfiction. As they enter this stage of development, we encourage you to help your child understand different book genres especially the following:

  • Alphabet books
  • Fantasy – made-up stories
  • Nonfiction – real stories and facts
  • Realistic fantasy – a made-up story which can happen in the real setting
  • Song books

4. Introduce them to rhyming words

Since time immemorial, we are always entertained by words that rhyme. Why not introduce these words to your child to add up the fun in reading? When you do, you can increase your child’s awareness on phonics and patterns in texts.

5. Phonics and phonemic awareness

Learning phonics is one of the most important learning you can impart to your child. The best known benefit of knowing your phonics is being able to spell out words easily. But you must not prioritize teaching them phonics for we are after the holistic reading development of your child and not just in one area of specialization.

6. Sound words out

Once you have introduced your child to the sounds that letters make, they can already start putting words together and after putting words together, they can already put sentences together and so on.

7. Memorize words

There are a lot of words which cannot be sounded out properly. That is why memorizing and using these words in a day-to-day conversation is the best tool to remember them.

What are other techniques you have there under your sleeves to make reading fun? Let us know in the comment section below.

And if you want to learn more about the early childhood education in Plainfield NJ Step One Academy LLC offers, visit us at

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