Keep Your Kids Productive Even Before & After School

Keep Your Kids Productive Even Before & After School

All parents would want their children to keep learning even before school starts and after it ends. And who would not?

The question is: in reality, where do you find your kids as soon as the school year is over and before the next school year starts?

We surmise some may be spending their time in worthwhile activities like enrolling in arts and music lessons, participating in sports undertakings and the like. But many must be using up their while slouching in comfortable couches at home playing Xbox or Playstation or taking pleasure in their virtual exploits through such computer games as Clash of Clans, or participating in online DOTA competitions, etc.

Of course, we at Step One Academy LLC, the provider of comprehensive early childhood education in Plainfield NJ endorse the former and urge to tone down the latter.

Why You Should Sign Up Your Kids For Out Of School Activities?

We could not emphasize to you more forcefully the benefits of such activities as creative writing, group dancing, music lessons, community outreach, drama and play, learning foreign languages, math enrichment, sports and athletics, art, singing lessons, homework assistance and others. They are not only good-to-have skills but, more importantly, they contribute to the total personality development of the students.

On the other hand, computer and virtual reality games help mold the minds of the kids to stick to, well, virtual reality, instead of the real world. Aside from that, most of those who are fond of computer games are bereft of the opportunities to sweat out and mingle physically with other kids. Hence, on the physical level, they are at the losing end. We don’t even mention the dire possibility of becoming obese, thus exposing themselves to the various degenerative diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, heart and bone ailments primarily for lack of exercises.

Socially, they can be deficient, too.

So, even when school is over, continue sending your kids to Step One Academy LLC, the encompassing early childhood education in Plainfield NJ because learning is definitely not confined in the classroom and in the usual academic curriculum. There are so many other things to know and be trained for outside of the classroom set-up. Those activities we mentioned earlier are just some of the many that we offer here.

Please Check Out Our Other Programs

Apart from the before and after school offerings, we also do the following:

  • Summer Camp Program (6 weeks old through 13 years old)

When the sun and your child’s energy are up, we make sure summer is a time for fun and more learnings with such cool activities as Leadership and Team Exercises, Swimming Lessons in a nearby facility, Scientific Experiments, Group Sports, Trips, Tutoring, Summer School Enrichment Activities and much much more!

  • Creative Curriculum

Step One Academy LLC makes use of the Creative Curriculum in building activities and planning programs for students. This curriculum is used in Preschool, Infant, Toddler and Pre-K classrooms.

  • Bilingual Spanish/English Immersion Program

We immerse your child in other cultures to expand their minds. At Step One Academy LLC, we fit in a Bilingual Spanish/English program that students can participate in. (More of this topic on another blog.)

Give the gift of holistic education to your children. Register them to the different programs of our school.

For more details about the various programs and activities we offer, please contact us at the following locations:

  • 222-224 E. 5th Street Plainfield, NJ 07060 Phone: 908-753-8253 Fax: 908-753-8416
  • 233 E. 5th Street Plainfield, NJ 07060 Phone: 908-753-8252 Fax: 908-753-8251

Do send us a message with your inquiries at and Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

How do you find our before-and-after school offerings? Please air your views on the comments portion below.

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