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Instilling Study Habits Early On


Learning is a wonderful and endless process, but we will never be able to appreciate it if we don’t practice and teach others healthy study habits. Study habits allow learners, especially those in kindergarten, to perform well in class, manage their time, and foster their love for growth and development. Good study habits are an instrument for success.

Introducing study habits to children before sending them to a daycare in New Jersey,or even during their time in pre-kindergarten can do wonders in their development. These habits will help them keep up or, better yet, excel in class. Whether your child is homeschooled, enrolled in online courses, or learning onsite, they can benefit from the following study habits:

  • Active Listening
    This is a useful skill your child will be able to use for a lifetime. Your child will be able to pay attention to lessons even with distractions and pick up the main point of discussions or lessons easily.
  • Time Management
    When learners learn to manage their time and tasks properly during their years at a preschool in Plainfield, New Jersey, they tend to procrastinate less. When they understand the value of time, they learn to prioritize their workload.
  • Be Prepared
    To help your child get the most out of their preschool program, they need to be prepared for learning. Practicing preparedness in all aspects of life allows them to use their time more wisely, work well under pressure, and overcome every obstacle in life.

Study planning maximizes your investment in early childhood education programs. Step One Academy, a trusted child care provider, also recommends fostering learning and growth at home. Collaborate with our educators to learn how you can best help your child’s learning process.

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