Importance of Early Childhood Education


When we say that Step One Academy LLC is a provider of early childhood education in Plainfield NJ, we do not mean we are only here to give your child the best early childhood education he or she needs. We also want you to understand how crucial childhood education really is for the future of your child especially for the education they will go through when they turn 5.

We believe that the early childhood education in Plainfield NJ we promote is not just a thing all parents must do and all kids must comply. It is a stepping stone for all the future successes children will achieve in the future. So join Step One Academy LLC as we count the things that makes early childhood important in the lives of our young and future citizens.

Early childhood education shapes your child’s development on their first five years.
You should know that your child’s first five years are very important in their foundation. These are the years that shape the future of their:

  • Health
  • Happiness
  • Growth
  • Development
  • Learning achievements in life, the family, school and the community

This fact is backed up by research and recent studies. It is already a known fact that the very first three years of a child’s life is the time when their brain develops in shape. It is also through the child’s experience that he or she finds the foundation of his or her organizational development as well as functioning in the society throughout their lives.

The younger the child, the quicker they learn.
Ever noticed that you were quicker to memorize facts like the different capitals of the countries in the world when you were younger? There are viral videos on YouTube that showcases 3-year-old toddlers spelling long and difficult words. Even children are quicker to learn foreign languages than that of their adult counterpart. So when you begin nurturing your child as early as now, you can develop their sense of trust and feeling of security and these will turn into confidence when they grow to adulthood.

Development is faster when children are provided with their needs.
It has always been a part of the discussion of every economics instructor to include Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Maslow states that every human person has a hierarchy of needs he or she must satisfy and if those needs are satisfied, that person can perform better and learn faster. That is why adequate nutrition and food must be given to children as well as security, love and affection, attention, encouragement, and mental stimulation.

All of these can be provided by the right educational institution and such institution is Step One academy LLC, the provider of early childhood education in Plainfield NJ.

For many years, scientists and researchers have always been baffled of the many wonders of early childhood education. We may still not be able to explain the wonders of this stage in a human’s life but one thing is for sure: we need to develop our child’s capabilities as early as possible.

What are the other important aspects of early childhood education that we missed? Comment them down below.

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