How to Make Learning Math Fun for Young Learners


In addition to attending a preschool program, younger children can begin developing their math skills at home. There are several fun-filled, engaging activities beyond pen and paper that children can take part in to develop their skills. Informal learning activities not only give young learners a head start but also establish a solid foundation for learning.

As a daycare in New Jersey, we will share a few simple strategies to make learning math more fun for kids:

  • Use Everyday Objects
    Everyday objects you have at home can be used as learning tools to help your child learn math. Items like books, buttons, and soup cans can be used to learn how to count. For young learners, math is easier and more fun to learn through visual aids and physical objects that they can look at or touch.
  • Play Math Games
    There are plenty of board games that teach math. For instance, Chutes and Ladders is a simple board game that can teach your child to count. You can also use your imagination and items at home to organize games and puzzles that your family can participate in. Your child care provider may share some ideas on how to organize math games for the family.
  • Make Snacks Together
    For snack time, ask your child to help in preparing snacks for the whole family. This will give them the opportunity to learn about portions. Baking simple pastries like cookies can also teach them basic concepts, like addition and subtraction, from an early age.

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