How Bilingual Education Benefits your Child (Part 2)

How Bilingual Education Benefits your Child II
  • Bilingual education makes a child more resilient, adaptable and flexible to the changes in the environment
    Being bilingual has its own benefit. It can improve the cognitive as well as the sensory processes that have been influenced by a bilingual experience. It can aid in the way the brain sets rules in order to have room for new information.

    The reason behind all this is because of the fact that the process of retrieving and restraining language in an environmental situation teaches the brain new ways to cope with various conditions.

    This fact is even supported by a study done by researchers. This study has been looking into a baby’s ability to be flexible in accommodating new set of rules.

    The independent variable in the study is the two groups of babies: (1) babies who grow up in bilingual households and (2) babies who are raised in monolingual homes. The dependent variable is their flexibility to change rules when they hear a tinkling sound accompanied by an appearance of a puppet on the opposite side and one on another.

    What did this study find out? Turns out that the bilingual group is more successful in finding out the new rule in order to get their reward: to make contact with the teleporting puppet.

  • Bilingual education transforms the method on how children understand objects and events happening in their environment.
    Scientists looking into the way how a human brain works have discovered that language can quickly make bilingual speakers keep their mind on certain details they have picked up from their environment.

    An example of this is the fast pace of how Russian speakers distinguish different shades of blue compared to the English speakers. Japanese speakers are more inclined to grouping objects which have the same materials. Koreans are keen on the way objects tightly fit together.

    Along with the speaking of the language comes the acquisition of the culture exhibited by the people using that certain language. Bilingual speakers have the possibility of adopting mannerisms and even inflections that is native to the country where the acquired language originated.

    Children who have been exposed to bilingual education can also see things native speakers perceive objects and events that occur in the environment much more differently than the way their monolingual counterpart observe things.

Bilingual education is truly remarkable, is it not? If you expose your young learner to this type of education like the one we promote in our early childhood education in Plainfield NJ, Step One Academy LLC is confident that your child’s brain development will experience various benefits.

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