“Hi! My name is_____.” Five Creative and Fun Getting-to-Know-You Activities for Preschoolers

Five Creative and Fun Getting-to-Know-You Activities for Preschoolers

During the first day of school, children are asked to introduce themselves in front of the class. However, not all children like the idea of going to the front and speaking about themselves. It is not really that they hate it, but it is just that they find it difficult to introduce themselves to new faces.

Instead of letting preschoolers go to the front and talk, why not spice things up? Step One Academy LLC presents some fun activities to get preschoolers know each other better.

  • Pass the Ball
    This is a simple getting-to-know-you game for preschoolers. The teacher holds the ball and introduces themselves by saying their names and favorite thing. The teacher then passes the ball to one pupil who will also do the same thing. The child passes the ball to another and so on until all the children have introduced themselves. You can make some modifications, like replacing the ball with a stuffed toy instead.
  • Paint Yourself
    Children love to get messy, especially when it involves getting dirty with colorful paint. Make use of this interest. Ask the cute cherubs to draw or paint themselves. But this is not your typical drawing or painting session. The twist here is that they will draw or paint something that symbolizes their personality. Of course, the teacher has to go in first.
  • Guess Who It Is
    The game is just simple. The preschoolers write down their most fun summer experience on a small sheet of paper. After writing, the paper is rolled and put into a container. Each pupil is then asked to get one inside the container. The teacher reads what is inside and the little one guesses who they think wrote it.
  • Music Sounds Better than Hello
    The mechanics of this game is quite easy. The pupils form a circle. The teacher stays inside the middle of the circle and puts on a blindfold, and the other teacher is responsible for turning on and off the music player. While the song is playing, the teacher inside the circle makes a pointing finger and turns around. Once the music stops, the child pointed by the teacher will introduce themselves. Once the child finishes their introduction, it is now their turn to stay in the middle and repeat what the teacher did. Sounds fun, right?
  • Picture Share
    They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Ask the youngsters to bring a picture of their favorite memory. In the classroom, each pupil will show their picture to the others and talk about what happened in that picture and why they consider it as their most favorite moment.

These activities are not only fun, but they also help build the children’s social skills. Learning should not be confined to pages of different books. Another way for the preschoolers to learn is through play.

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