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Finding the Right Learning Environment for Your Child

One of the major concerns for most parents is their children’s learning environment. Parents only want the best quality of learning and affordable child care for their young ones. Given the shift in parental employment and mothers having to return to work a few months after giving birth, children are often dropped off at child care facilities.

Finding the right daycare in New Jersey could be challenging. One should be mindful of carefully examining what these educational facilities can offer. According to John Bennett, a contributor in Encyclopedia in Early Childhood Development, a study points out that only high-quality access to child care and early childhood education contributes to the child’s well-being and overall development.

According to UNESCO, early childhood care and education is an integral preparation for primary school. Parents should realize the value of early childhood education as this is considered as the formative years where their child’s brain is at its peak of development and growth. UNESCO emphasized the importance of the environment in which the child grows and the people he/she often interacts with. Investing in your children’s education at such a young age will better prepare them for adulthood. Choosing the right learning facility for them is tantamount to how they would develop as young adults.

If you are searching for an established learning preschool in Plainfield, New Jersey where child’s learning and safety are given top priority, consider checking out Step One Academy.

This institution, which employs highly skilled educators, offers quality learning for children as young as 6 weeks to 1 year old. Infant daycare and early education in Step One Academy is more than just playtime. Cognitive development is given importance through activities which involve storytime, music, and educational toys.

Investing in your child’s future should be given time and effort. Read through the range of curricula Step One Academy offers its students of various ages. Their curriculum includes early education programs for children between 2 ½ to 3 years old, infant daycare and education, toddler daycare and early education, preschool program, before and after school program, kindergarten program, summer camp program, creative curriculum, Bilingual Spanish/English Immersion Program and School Trips.

If you want to learn more about child care and learning at Step One Academy LLC, call them at 908-753-8253 or 908-753-8252.

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