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233 East Fifth Street

  • Miss Shazi
    Ms. Shazi Director
  • Miss Flor
    Ms. Flor Administrative Assistant
  • Miss Blanca
    Ms. Blanca Room 2 Toddlers
  • Miss Isabel
    Ms. Isabel Room 4 Nursery
  • Miss Jossybel
    Ms. Jossybel Room 6 Pre-Ky
  • Miss Ramona
    Ms. Ramona Room 9 Pre-School
  • Miss Reneida
    Ms. Reneida Room 1F Toddlers
  • Miss Maria
    Ms. Maria Room 3 Nursery
  • Miss Jennifer
    Ms. Jennifer Room 1F Toddlers
  • Miss Melanie
    Ms. Melanie Room 1F Toddlers
  • Miss Sara Lou
    Ms. Sara Lou Room 1B Infants
  • Miss Ingri
    Ms. Ingri Room 1B Infants
  • Miss Lilian
    Ms. LilianRoom 6 Pre-K
  • Miss Pamela
    Ms. Pamela Room 8 Pre-School