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An engaging, theme-based BILINGUAL creative curriculum is waiting for your child at Step One Academy, providing our students with holistic daycare in Plainfield, New Jersey. Please view below some of the educational programs we offer.

Early Education Program (Ages 2 1/2 through 3 years of age)

Let your child fly, soar and reach his or her highest potential with our early education programs. We make use of a developmentally-appropriate curriculum that will cover all the required facets of childhood learning:

  • Physical Motor Skills Development
  • Encouraging Healthy Emotional Reactions
  • Executive Function Development
  • Conceptual and Cognitive Development
  • Socializing with Caregiver and Peers
  • Early Language Development
  • Creative Vocal Expression

Infant Daycare & Early Education (Ages 6 weeks through 1 year Old)

Young, they may be but they absorb information quickly! Let your infant join the daycare program now. Our activities and featured services include:

  • Health and Safety Supervision
  • Establishing Self-Esteem and Trust with Caregiver and Peers
  • Puppet Shows
  • Well Trained Infant Care Staff
  • Milk Feeding (with Bottle and Contents Provided by Parent)
  • Activities with Soft Building Blocks and Plush Balls
  • Story Time and Drama Plays
  • Music, Movement, and Rhymes
  • Educational Toys to Promote Cognitive Development

Toddler Daycare & Early Education (1 year old through 2 1/2 years of age)

Active toddlers in action at Step One! Let them take their very first steps in learning at our daycare center. Some of the activities we offer are:

  • Outdoor and Indoor Group Games
  • Puppet Shows and Finger Play
  • Learning to Play Musical Instruments
  • Finger Painting Activities
  • Big Circle Time

Preschool Program (3 years of Age)

We prepare your child for higher school-age learning with innovative approaches in teaching.

  • Counting and Math Exercises (1-100)
  • Science Experiment Activities
  • Group Singing
  • Literacy Activities
  • Crafts and Art Projects
  • Show and Tell

Before & After School Program (Kindergarten through age 13)

Who wouldn’t want their child to keep learning even before school starts? How about wholesome activities after school? Every parent would want their child to make the most of every day and at Step One Academy in Plainfield NJ, we know-how. Our Before and After School Program is the avenue the exposes your child to activities like Creative Writing, Group Dancing, Music Lessons, Community Outreach, Drama and Play, Learning Foreign Languages, and Math Enrichment. We also have Sports and Athletics, Art Activities, Singing Lessons, Homework assistance, and more.

Prekindergarten Program (Four and Five-year-old Program)

If your child turns 4 years old by October 1st each year, he or she will be eligible for the Pre-K program at Step One Academy. Please call 908-753-8252/ 908-753-8253 or visit our administration office for an evaluation. Pre-K activities include Dramatic Play, Writing Letters & Words, Beginner Reading Strategies, and Cognitive Development through puzzles and board games. Creative Expression with Sentence Construction & Physical Development through Sports, Athletics, and Math Enrichment.

Summer Camp Program (5 years through 13 years)

The sun is high and so is your child’s energy. We make summer fun at Step One Academy in Plainfield NJ with cool activities such as Leadership and Team Exercises, Swimming Lessons through a nearby facility, Scientific Experiments, Group Sports, Trips, Tutoring, Summer School Enrichment Activities, and much much more!

Creative Curriculum

Step One Academy makes use of the Creative Curriculum in building activities and planning programs for students. This curriculum is used in Preschool, Infant, Toddler, and Pre-K classrooms. More information about the Creative Curriculum will be provided available when you visit our office. Or, better yet, witness the program in action when you visit Step One Academy for a tour. Call 908-753-8252 or 908-753-8253 to set a schedule.

Bilingual Spanish/ English Immersion Program

We immerse your child in other cultures to expand their minds. At Step One Academy, we fit in a Bilingual Spanish/ English program that students can participate in.

Free Meals

Beginning late Spring 2016, Step One Academy will have nutritious meals and snacks for your child to enjoy. Apart from just serving the students their meals, we also educate them about eating healthy, regular exercise, and a simple meal planning to include all food groups.

School Trips

Buckle up, kids! It’s time to explore. Step One Academy, a provider of Early Childhood Education in Plainfield NJ, believes that there is so much to learn outside the classroom which is why we plan school trips to local farms, museums, theaters, and aquariums. We also have many professionals come and speak to our children regarding fire and stranger safety, healthy eating, reading development, and the environment.

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