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Understanding the Phases of Play Development

Even if you’ve heard it a million times as a parent, the importance of play for early childhood education cannot be overstated. Children learn how to better understand their world through play. We at Step One Academy LLC, a preschool … <...

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How to Make Learning Math Fun for Young Learners

In addition to attending a preschool program, younger children can begin developing their math skills at home. There are several fun-filled, engaging activities beyond pen and paper that children can take part in to develop their skills. Informal lea...

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Help Your Kids Gain Friends!

Social interaction is an important part of child care. This helps children learn social skills that they can use later in life. They can also gain new friends when interacting with other children. As a preschool in New Jersey, we … Read More ›


Building Strong Pillars for Your Child

Early childhood education is a very important stage of learning for your child and it is an advantage if they can get a head start. There is a benefit from proper training and learning in their formative years in a … Read More ›


Resilience: Raising a Kid Who Never Gives Up

Character building is essential. Character is developed depending on how parents will mold them. But with child care, character development is made easier. However, the development of a child’s true character will start at home. Their personality w...

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