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Tips to Help Your Child Succeed in Distance Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a huge change in the educational landscape. Suddenly, students of all ages are being asked to stay at home and adapt to distance learning. While this isn’t an entirely new concept, for preschool-aged children, … Continue reading

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Effective Ways to Handle a Picky Eater

One of the most common issues parents deal with when it comes to child care is picky or fussy eating. Because of this, many parents have a lot of trouble ensuring that their child gets the nutrition they need for … Continue reading

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What to Expect at Summer Camp

Summer is fast approaching! The school will be out for a few weeks and you have no idea where to leave your children because you are so busy with work. Let us admit it, as parents, we work hard to … Continue reading

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3 Surprising Reasons Why Story Time Is Good for Kids

When was the last time you read a story out loud to your children? When was the last time you tucked them to bed by reading their favorite fairy tale instead of finishing a cartoon show? Probably you cannot remember … Continue reading

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Tips for Preparing Your Child for School

Getting your child prepared for their first day of school can be both an exciting and terrifying experience. It is the day when we realize our kids are no longer babies and are growing up, so it is important to … Continue reading

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