A Parent’s Guide to Children’s Toys

a parent's guide to children's toys

Parents only want the best for their children and part of the things we can invest for their learning, as well as their entertainment, is toys.

Now this is a topic most parents argue. Some believe that toys can only offer entertainment and will distract children from learning but some parents say they do offer learning and we stand with those parents who believe that toys are not harmful to the child’s education.

Here in Step One Academy LLC, the first-rate provider of early childhood education in Plainfield NJ, we see children’s toys as tools for learning thus we invest in some of these which are in accordance to our standards.

If you want to purchase certain items for your child to use to enable him or her to learn various skills and competencies, you should check out our guide on what kind of toys and learning materials can be accepted in an early childhood education in Plainfield NJ. The following are some questions you should ask before you decided to foot the bill for the toy of your choice:

Does this toy match the age and ability of my child?
Toys should match the age of a child. Below is a list in order to guide you in choosing the kind of toy that is appropriate for your little one:

  • Infants – toys that they can roll, drop, shake and explore their bodies with
  • Toddlers- toys that they can move around while not causing any major damage in the surrounding area
  • Preschoolers – more complex materials

Is the number of toys enough for my children?
In order for children to appreciate the value of sharing and for them to not feel inferior over the other, you need to give them an equal share of toys. There are multiple problems that may arise if your children do not acquire toys and materials that are enough to play with. Oftentimes, it will result in fighting and screaming.

The trouble about having many children to look after like our early childhood education in Plainfield NJ is that some children will do anything, and we do mean anything, to get a toy or material they want. Some may even retort to hurting others to get what they need. We can prevent these behaviors by supplying enough for the class.

How can my child play this toy?
Do not expect that when you give them a book, they will eventually read it. Of course, tearing the book would be a fun experience for these kids. Children are extremely creative creatures. They play with their own toys according to their own whims and sometimes, these may bring danger upon the child. Teach them how to handle these toys and materials yourself. Educate them on how to use things and not to destroy them.

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