A First-Time Mommy’s Guide: How To Check If Your Child Is Ready For School

A First-Time Mommy's Guide: How To Check If Your Child Is Ready For School

As a first-time mom, it is normal to get very excited about sending your child to school. Especially when you see the other kids in the neighborhood wearing their uniforms and happily boarding the school bus, it makes you all the more giddy to enroll them to the nearest center in the community.

But of course, you cannot just let your emotions win over your common sense. There are a lot of other factors that should make you discern whether now is the best time to start sending your little tots to playgroups or even preschool. No matter how ready you feel you are as a parent, your child’s readiness is the most important factor that you should consider.

So if you are first-time mom, be more observant of how your kids act and react. You do not need to rush him just because you are excited to move on to the next level of parenting. The tips below can help you check if your little one is ready for his next big step.

  1. Can speak enough to ask for what he wants.

    One of the signs that he is ready for school is when he is fluent enough to demand for the basic things he needs like water, food, or change of nappy. This is because you cannot be beside him full-time, anticipating and providing his needs. Thus, he would have to learn how to ask from it from someone else. If not, your child will go for hours hungry, thirsty, or enduring a dirty diaper.

  2. Has developed good motor skills.

    Since a classroom setting will have kids encouraged to move and discover, good motor skills will be highly necessary. A child who has a good command of his body movements can enjoy a lot from playing with kids, engaging in learning activities and discovering more of the world around him, allowing him to learn and develop to his fullest potential.

  3. Can stay away from mommy for a long time.

    You know the normal scene, mommies bring their babies to school, the babies get to be curious and enjoy, but when mommy leaves, they cry and throw fits beyond control. This is very normal, though. But if after several days you feel like your child still can’t let go of you, then perhaps it is best to allow him to deal with separation anxiety gradually at home first. This will spare your child from trauma and allow others to enjoy their class and playtime without a classmate throwing a regular tantrum.

  4. Has developed a good sense of curiosity and love for exploration.

    Preschool is all about allowing children to learn and discover on their own. If you see that your child has gone very curious, very inquisitive, and highly explorative, then it is a good sign that he is ready. School will open up more opportunities for him to discover new things, learn new lessons, and find new friends-only if he is ready enough to embrace them.

  5. Can understand simple instructions.

    Before sending your child to school, be sure that he can already understand and can execute simple commands. Instructions like sit, stand-up, raise your hand, and others will be highly used in school. If he can’t follow them, he will have a hard-time keeping up with the learnings and with his peers. So if you feel like he can well obey rules and instructions, then he is ready. If he is not, it is best to start training him at home before sending him outside.

It is very understandable for you to want for what’s next for your child. It’s okay, you don’t have to hurry. Time will help you prepare your child to be ready for what is next for him.

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