6 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Preschool


Enrolling your child in preschool can cost you money that is why it is important for you to be able to choose the right one. To help you choose a preschool where your child can receive the best education, we have listed 6 questions to ask when looking for a preschool.

  1. What is the educational philosophy of the preschool?

    It is important to look for a discovery based program and not a preschool that is primarily focused on practice skills. While a structured approach to learning has also its benefits, exploring is important in the early years of a child. Look for a preschool that enables children to make choices of their own. At our early childhood education in Plainfield NJ, Step One Academy provides an environment where children can grow and explore, learn more about their self and the world around them.

  2. What are your rates and hours?

    Make sure to ask this question. It’s good to know as early as today if the preschool’s rate is within your budget and if the hours can fit your schedule.

  3. What is the educational background and experience of the teachers and staff?

    You want to make sure that your child’s preschool teacher is qualified for the job. The teacher should have at least a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential. Ask about the teacher’s background, training and experience.

  4. Do you have active play opportunities?

    A good preschool offers opportunities for active play. Physical activity is important in developing a child’s motor skill as well as maintaining a good health. “It’s important that children have daily exposure to fine motor activities, such as stringing beads, snipping paper strips, and prewriting activities such as scribbling in shaving cream. Regular exposure to these tasks develops the hand skills children will need in kindergarten,” says Barbara Smith, an occupational therapist. Our early childhood education in Plainfield NJ offers a diverse and innovative approach in teaching including crafts and art project, show and tell and other activities that can help your child develop their motor skills.

  5. What are your rules about dropping off and picking up kids?

    Different schools have different policies regarding this matter so you have to ask each of your prospect preschool what there is. Some school have extremely strict regulations to lessen tardiness that can disrupt a class while others are more lenient.

  6. What are your child release and security policies?

    You want to make sure that a stranger can’t pick up your kid. Security is very important. At Step One Academy’s early childhood education in Plainfield NJ, security measures are paramount to ensure your child is safe and secured.

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