4 Smart Tips to Help Your Kids Become Independent


Do you still remember the time when you were able to tie your shoelaces on your own? Can you recall the sense of fulfillment you had when you finally managed to make the right knots? Just imagine the sparkle in your little ones’ eyes when they finally manage to do something just by themselves!

Teaching children how to be independent paves the way for them to grow as confident and capable adults. Here are some tips to put your child right on track:

  1. Show them how it’s done.
    Ever notice how little girls like to dress up in their mom’s shoes? Or how little boys like to help dad when doing repairs in the house? Children are curious, they are like sponges that absorb information continuously. Become their role model and inspire them to follow.
    For example, you’re doing a simple house chore like folding the laundry. Your little one is nearby, watching you work. Invite them over and teach them. Make every task an opportunity to learn.
  2. Give positive reinforcement.
    Every action leads to either a positive or negative result. Presenting a negative consequence will inhibit the child from repeating bad behavior. However, if positive reinforcement is used, children are actively motivated to keep doing their best. This fortifies good character.
    There are different ways to administer positive reinforcement. Be vocal and give acknowledgment. Let them know when they are doing a good job. Set a reward system with small gestures like giving a high five or extending bedtime for 10 more minutes.
  3. Allow them to make decisions.
    Parents make a lot of choices that directly affect the family. These choices range from major ones like choosing the type of education to minor ones like ice cream flavors. Asking your child’s input when making small choices has several benefits: It gives them confidence, a sense of belonging, and most importantly, it inspires self-discovery.
    Check in with your child and ask them about what kind of tasks they are ready to do.
  4. Remain Patient.
    Don’t rush things. Give your young ones time to adjust. Children who are allowed to complete minor tasks with frequency are more likely to do a better job of it next time. Practice makes perfect.
    Be a calm presence. Your little one may take a lot more time to finish folding the laundry compared to you, it can’t be helped. They’re still learning. Know when to intervene and give a helping hand.

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