3 Ways on How to Teach Your Child to Read

3 Ways on How to Teach Your Child to Read

Reading is one of the most essential skills one should ever have. Through it, we could talk with others, transact information, write a book, and do a lot of things! Heck, reading may even be your ticket to going to another planet. That is why, while your children are still very young, it is important that you teach the kids how to read.

As providers of early childhood education in Plainfield NJ, Step One Academy LLC supports education especially one that allows the parents to be involved. We believe that reading is not just up to us, teachers, but also to parents. So with this in mind, we would like to share with you on how to make your child a reader for life with these three ways:

  • Read to your child

    Children are yet still incapable of reading until they turn six. But this does not mean that you can only teach them the skill by then. The process of teaching your child to read begins at their infant stage.
    Rather than reading him or her flashcards, it is better to read to them some children’s book as soon as they are welcomed to your home. This creates a very special bonding with you and it can make your child a lover of books when he or she grows old. Make it a goal to read to your child at least 20 minutes a day.

    We suggest you to expose your child to the following books:

    • Birth to 1 Year – Board Books (showing real pictures), Cloth Books (that has various textures), Lullabies and Song Books
    • 1 Year to 3 Years – Rhyming Books, Short-Story Board Books and Song Books
    • 3 Years to 5 Years – Alphabet Books, Picture Books, Rhyming Books and Song Books
  • Begin inquiring

    Take if from a provider of early childhood education in Plainfield NJ that it is natural for children to ask a lot of questions. And when we say a lot, we do mean a lot of them. However in the process of reading, you should encourage the curiosity in your little learner by asking them questions on the things that you have read. This will not only encourage them to have an interaction with you and the book but also guarantee that they understand what you are reading.

    Remember: we are not after their ability to properly pronounce the words written in a single page. It is your task to make your toddler comprehend whatever they are reading and you can do this with the aid of pictures and symbols.

  • Be a reading model

    No, we are not saying that you need to flaunt your suave moves on the red carpet to make your child read. We are saying that you should be an example to your children. Read so that they will read. It is you who they look up to and the activities, manners and actions you should be exhibiting are those that are desirable. This is the same with reading.

Children are natural and quick absorbers of knowledge and skills. That is why you need to invest on their education as early as possible. Because early childhood education in Plainfield NJ is important for us and for the community, Step One Academy LLC encourages you to take time and resources for your child now by enrolling them in our center through visiting

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