3 Surprising Reasons Why Story Time Is Good for Kids

3 Surprising Reasons Why Story Time Is Good for Kids

When was the last time you read a story out loud to your children? When was the last time you tucked them to bed by reading their favorite fairy tale instead of finishing a cartoon show? Probably you cannot remember these things as bedtime stories have been replaced with TV lullabies and other distractions.

This age-old practice of bedtime stories and storytelling have proven to contribute to the overall formation of our child. It does not only create bonds between the parent and child but it also helps in their cognitive development. Reading and listening are two of the macro skills that a person needs to develop.

The good news is Step One Academy LLC, an Early Childhood Education in Plainfield, NJ, offers reading activities in the classroom. The teacher can allow a reading period for the class. These few minutes of silence and listening can bring enormous effects to your child’s overall health.

  1. Values are taught in the stories

    Apart from rearing smart children, we also want our children to be morally upright individuals. We want to teach them good values and instill morals in everything we give them. By choosing the right books and materials, it can slowly mold the way our children think and the way they act.

    Through storytelling, we make these things fun. With varied characters, events, and even the way we deliver the stories can make an imprint in their minds. This is essential for growing up.

  2. It develops our language skills

    Reading is a good mental exercise. Although we do not expect our children to be able to read at an early age, the mere fact that they can already associate words to the pictures is already a big development.

    Even with a simple storytelling, our kids will learn to listen. They will be able to grasp simple words or remember words and events that are new to them. Oftentimes, just by listening, it opens up our imagination and creativity. We become curious about the things that were told to us. It could make our kids wonder. We make them curious. After all, curiosity is the key to broad learning.

  3. It helps absorb information quickly

    Learning centers like Step One Academy LLC, a name you can trust when it comes to Early Childhood Education in Plainfield, NJ, aims to make learning fun. Our kids are toddlers and youngsters; they want to see things in a creative manner. Hence, we make sure that they will look forward to learning every day.

    Storytelling is not just about telling the narrative. It is also about creativity. How you can tell the story and get everyone’s attention until the end. Therefore, sometimes we let them watch a short movie or they can listen to a song or musical which can help pique their imagination.

Indeed, there are a number of ways in which you can tell a story. But it all boils down to learning and knowing how to imagine. This is one of the best things that a child can get from school.

Make sure your child is having fun while learning! Join our daycare classes and experience a one of a kind academy learning with us. If you have questions, let us hear about it and leave us a message!

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