222 East Fifth Street


  • Ms. Norma
    Ms. Norma
  • Ms. Karina
    Ms. Karina
    Pre-School – Room 1
  • Ms. Mercedes
    Ms. Mercedes
    Toddlers – Room 2
  • Ms. Kamaria
    Ms. Kamaria
    Toddlers – Room 3
  • Ms. Ana S.
    Ms. Ana S.
    Tiny Tots – Room 4
  • Ms. Luz
    Ms. Luz
    Infants – Room 6
  • Ms. Elmy
    Ms. Elmy
    Infants – Room 6
  • Ms. Ely
    Ms. Ely
    Waddlers – Room 7
  • Ms. Eva
    Ms. Eva
    Preschool – Room 8

Early Education Program

Let your child fly, soar and reach his or her highest potential with our early education programs…

Preschool Program

We prepare your child for higher school age learning with innovative approaches in teaching.

Infant Daycare and Early Education

Young they may be but they absorb information quickly! Let your infant join the day care program now…

Toddler Daycare and Early Education

Active toddlers in action at Step One! Let them take their very first steps in learning at our day care center…

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